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The Many Faces of Habitat Volunteers: It’s all Interconnected.

Halifax Habitat its Interconnected

Several times each year, Halifax Habitat for Humanity hosts ribbon-cutting events that open the doors to a new home.  At these events, we celebrate the accomplishments of the new homeowner as they step into this exciting phase in life.

Habitat is a hand up for those who want to help themselves.

To reach this milestone, the Habitat homeowners have put in hundreds of hours of what we call sweat equity, working on projects during the home’s construction. They’ve also gotten their finances and credit in order, and they are ready to take on the responsibilities that come with owning a home.  Many of the volunteers who supported the project along the way also join us at the ribbon-cutting event because it is their accomplishment too, and every celebration is filled with laughter, cheers and often tears.

Halifax Habitat for Humanity empowers families to help themselves. What many may not realize is that our work is deeply interconnected with the community. It’s easy to focus on the end result and miss what has taken place along the way to make the Habitat mission possible.  However, Habitat receives help and assistance from an enormous variety of resources in the local community. Everyday people within our community, from all backgrounds and with varying skillsets, donate their time and ideas to fulfill the accomplishments of Habitat for Humanity.

Take a look at the journey for building a new home.

Land Donation and Preparation:

A home begins with acquiring land. A business or resident may donate a parcel of land, or Habitat may use donated funds to purchase land. We turn to construction partners to handle any excavation needs and to prepare the land for building. The unskilled labor needed might include litter removal or minor land clearing.

Women Build Projects


Home Construction:

Volunteers from Barton Malow


Construction companies donate their time or offer discounted rates to lead our construction projects. Businesses within the community use this opportunity to encourage employees to get involved. Habitat receives help from groups of employees and individual volunteers. We are blessed that professionals with a variety of home-building skills also donate their talents. Our volunteers help with everything from framing a driveway or patio, framing the home itself, painting, carpentry and cabinet installation, to any of the 100 other tasks necessary to make a house a home.


Caroline St. Project Kitchen Progress


Habitat for Humanity will reach out to local companies for donations of materials which can include roofing, siding, lumber and hardware, concrete, windows, window treatments, ceiling fans, doors and door trim, paint, plumbing supplies and fixtures, flooring, appliances, fixtures, kitchenware, and lighting. From every light switch to the front door bell, we work together to build a home.

Finishing Touches:

Caroline Street Project - Homeowner

We finish the home with a beautiful yard made of donated trees, shrubbery, sod and garden plants. After the house is taken care of, the family will still need certain items necessary for daily living. These needs might include groceries, kitchenware, toiletries, linen, furniture, cleaning products, baby products, trashcans, and bedding. We will do everything we can to connect the family with resources so they receive the help they need.

Here’s what else you may not know.

Many of the Habitat home owners continue their volunteer service with Habitat. Our homeowners help us spread the word about the program and are ready with hammer in hand at future home-building days. Some have stood alongside us as volunteers for well over a decade.

Want to learn what others are doing to lend a hand? Here’s our current 2015 list of partners.

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