Easy Ideas for a Springtime Back Porch Makeover

It’s almost spring time, and soon you will be wanting to spend time on your back porch or patio with your family enjoying the upcoming balmy weather. We’ve found some great ideas to get that back porch looking incredible and inviting. The best thing about these ideas is that they are extremely inexpensive and easy. Whatever you need, you can get at your local Habitat Restore for pennies on the dollar.

Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Quick Makeover

Before decorating, it’s best to clean your porch. After a thorough cleaning, consider upgrading using a new paint color (with paint from the Habitat Restore) to really freshen up the space.

Furniture and Fixtures

Decorating ideas for patiosThe porch is a gathering place to enjoy friends and the outdoors. If you need some additional seating area, search for an old wooden or wicker chair from a Restore. Give the chair a bright punch of color that will brighten up your porch. Next, throw a pillow on it for outdoor seating in style and comfort.

For evening hours, light always makes a room brighter and happier. If you can find some Christmas lights hanging around (pun intended), string them up with some hooks or nails.

How about some candles? They’re cheap, and they create the most romantic moods. As an alternative, try indoor lighting outside. You are sure to find an old lamp at the restore that would look great in a corner of your porch.

A couple of end tables with a new coat of paint add color and functionality. Try purchasing an old coffee table, and paint it with the same color as your end tables.

Natural Elements

Outdoor homemade plantersPlants are one of the best way to bring the outdoors onto your porch. You can use almost anything as a planter while simultaneously showing off your individual creativity!

How about an old boot? Or maybe you have a water can sitting in the shed. These would be perfect for a planter for some flowers or ferns.

Have you ever made a wreath? You can get vines from trees or bushes and wind them up into a circle. Then, tie it tightly and paint it for a beautiful and natural looking wall ornament.

The Finishing Touches

Welcome Sign for PorchThere are several other easy ways to add to your porch such as a rug, a basket with magazines, an old sign strategically placed on the wall, curtains, or even some charming old shutters cleaned and hung next to a window.

Has this sparked ideas?

Check out our blog articles for more ideas on home decorating. And, don’t forget, almost anything you need is available at The Habitat For Humanity Restore.

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