Turn something old into something new with these design tips from the Halifax Habitat Restore.

Back To School - Making Homework Fun

Back To School: Making Homework Fun

Where did the summer go?

It seems like just yesterday kids were scrambling off the bus celebrating the last day of school and families were busy making plans for the summer. But then, before we could say, “schools out” the first day of school tapped us on the shoulder.  And here we are.

When parents reflect on their school years, it’s often remarkable to think of what has changed, even within just the past few years. For many parents, there weren’t the distractions that kids have today, especially where technology is concerned. However, there is one thing that hasn’t really changed over the decades, and that is homework. Read more

Cowboy Boot Planter

8 Budget-Friendly, Inspirational Backyard Design Tips

Want to spruce up your backyard without breaking the bank?

There are many ways to use everyday items, even discarded items that some might call junk, to add beauty and actual usefulness to your backyard. With some creativity and frugality, you can produce originality and functionality!

Design your dream backyard on a shoestring budget with the ideas below. Take a look. Read more

Space Saving Ideas

6 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look And Feel Larger

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. If your bathroom is short on space, you can still make a big splash with these ideas for maximizing the space you have,  and without breaking the bank.

When maximizing space on a budget, a little creativity, elbow grease, and some frugal yard sale and thrift store searching all become a top priority. Below are several ways to increase space in a small bathroom while saving money. Read more

Migonis Monday Makeover Tip

Home Design: 3 Ways To Turn Something Old Into Something New

When we look at an old piece of worn or damaged furniture, our first reaction might be to toss it in the garbage. But, not so fast. In this ReStore Home Design Tips post, we look at ways you can take old, damaged, and worn traditional household items and repurpose them into beautiful new furniture pieces. If you’ve got time this weekend, we have the perfect home design project for you. Read more