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Home Decorating Tip: Southern Living Charm at a Fraction of the Price

Have you ever skimmed through the pages of a home decorating magazine and dreamed of redecorating your home?

Did the cost of the renovation seem out of reach? Read more

Habitat Stories: I am home. I am free.

331 Caroline St. Finished

Refurbished Houses Restore Neighborhood Pride

Imagine driving through your neighborhood.

You see your neighbors’ houses: a car in the driveway, the grass is mowed, children are playing in the yard, and dogs are running around doing what dogs do.

Then you pass by that one house, the house that has been sitting vacant for years. Read more

Volunteer with Habitat

5 Things to Expect at a Habitat Construction Site

Have you ever wondered what Habitat volunteers do when they work at a construction site?

It’s exactly what you would expect at any residential construction site, only better. Yes, buy they work hard. Yes, we depend on them to have the tasks assigned for the day completed and on time. However, that’s just the every day part. There’s a lot more that happens. Read more