8 Budget-Friendly, Inspirational Backyard Design Tips

Want to spruce up your backyard without breaking the bank?

There are many ways to use everyday items, even discarded items that some might call junk, to add beauty and actual usefulness to your backyard. With some creativity and frugality, you can produce originality and functionality!

Design your dream backyard on a shoestring budget with the ideas below. Take a look.

1. Cinder Block Flower Gardens and More

A large part of what makes a front or backyard beautiful is a collection of plants or flowers to display the beauty of nature. These ideas will complement nature in some clever ways. For starters, try this idea from Zack Benson and make a garden out of cinderblocks. You won’t need any grout for this first method, just stack them together. Find instructions at ZackBenson.com.

Cinder Blocks Garden


Now, where is everyone going to sit? Here is a great way to repurpose an old headboard, creating a functional and beautiful bench for relaxing in your backyard (from My Repurposed Life.) Other clever seating options include making a bench out of cinderblocks and timbers, or try this idea from BuzzFeed and hang an old chair to make a swing.

Headboard Bench

Homemade Backyard Swing

If you have access to a large amount of cinder blocks, add an outdoor fire pit. It’s really easy, and completely functional. Cinder blocks are also good for making steps on that pesky hill you slip on every time it rains. (Sources: Fire Pit, Stairs)

cinderblocks steps 2

Cinderblocks fire pit


2. Tire Swings for Flowers

An old tire hanging on a rope from a tree is a great way to create an instant hanging plant. Paint the tire any way you’d like and simply fill the bottom of the tire with soil, and plant your favorite flower, herb, or plant. (Design by HomeTalk.)

Tire Swing Planter


3. Boots and Beauty

Most of us have some old shoes or boots in the back of our closet that we haven’t worn in years. These can be used to create the most beautiful flowerpots in your backyard. Find these and more ideas at The Shoe Planter.

Cowboy Boot Planter

Clog Hanging Planters

4. Dress to Impress

Ty Pennington cleverly transformed an old dresser into a beautiful potting bench. This is a perfect weekend project for the entire family.

Ty Pennington Potting Bench


5.  Pinecone Ground Covering

If you already have a garden, add creative ground-cover with pinecones. This design from BuzzFeed shows how pinecones add texture and depth to an otherwise ordinary garden bed.

Pinecones for bedding


6. Invite Nature With A Birdbath and Wind Chimes

And of course, every garden needs a birdbath. The folks at In Lieu of Preschool share easy instructions to make a beautiful birdbath out of old flowerpots. Your kids will love helping you make this.Flower Pot Bird Bath


Another way to add beauty to your yard is through the soothing sounds of wind chimes. Make your own using this idea from The Garden Gloves. Gather a pile bottle caps and with a little string and a little time, you can have your very own homemade wind chimes. This can also be done with old CDs or DVDs. As the wind blows them around, the sunlight will reflect off the discs and onto everything else around it.

Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

Hanging CD Wind Chime


7. Add Flair to your Fence

Is your wood fence looking a little drab? Another great idea from The Garden Glove is to drill holes in the fence slats the exact size to fit a marble in the whole. When the sunlight comes through his marbles, it creates a punch of light and color to brighten up the fence and the yard.

Wooden Fence with Marbles


8. Reflect Beauty with Mirrors

Do you have an old mirror you’re not using? Or did you see one at the Restore last time you went? Another great idea from BuzzFeed is to use mirrors to reflect your backyard beauty. They add space and dimension in addition to some of mirror-lovers we all know.

Hanging Mirrors in the Backyard


So there you have it. These methods of fixing up your yard are both inexpensive and pretty easy to accomplish. They will also give you the beautiful backyard you have been wanting.

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